About RamPad

Imagine playing on a drum pad that is as responsive as it is articulate: a pad that gives you complete musical and dynamic control. A superior practice tool should speak regardless of the density of notes being played. It should allow dynamics to be heard, and buzz rolls to be felt. Rim shots cannot be faked and must be practiced along with all the other music required of a percussionist.

The RamPad delivers all of this and more. Maximize your practice time and enjoy the feeling and sound of a drum anywhere you go.

Great sound is only achieved by hearing every note you play and training yourself to adjust accordingly. Being critical of the sound you produce quickens your learning process in achieving the correct tough, timbre, and overall technique.

“You cannot run, and you cannot hide” Percussionist are musically exposed when it comes to errors and it all comes down to consistent performance levels learned through quality rehearsal time musical memory and ear training are key components to a great sound and playing at a professional level, At any point in your practice routine you will be able to pick out errors and make immediate corrections. RamPad removes the guessing!

No false sense of security: RamPad delivers a crisp articulation so you know exactly how your squad. Only with consistent and disciplined rehearsal time (e.g. monitoring our sound quality, enforcing proper technique and tempo control) prepare for when it is time to step on stage.